About Us

Association of the organizations for the development of information modeling in construction, housing and utilities (BIM-Association) is an Association of professionals of the construction industry: construction and design organizations, research institutions, software vendors, educational institutions involved in technology implementation processes building information modeling (BIM Tech) in Russia.

Business and professional community of science related to BIM-since the late 2000’s began to actively promote the idea of building information modeling technologies in the design, construction and operation of facilities on the territory of Russia. At the same time, the most advanced and sophisticated Russian companies-as builders and manufacturers of software already actively used similar technology.

At the beginning of 2014. their appeals were heard by the Government and the Presidency of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for economic modernization and innovative development of Russia (March 4, 2014) instructed Minstroju of Russia to develop and approve the plan for the phased implementation of building information modeling technologies in the field of industrial and civil construction, including the possibility of conducting examination of project documents prepared using such technologies. The Ministry, in turn, to the development of this plan has established a working group consisting of representatives from both regulators and representatives of business and scientific community.

However, the interests of business and the State in the matter of implementation of building information modeling technologies extend far beyond design, where the benefits are less pronounced than during the construction phase, and more-at the stage of exploitation. Design and implementation expertise in information models will be the first stage of introduction of these technologies in their entirety. For most solid description of this phase and adopting necessary to develop a set of activities-creating a roadmap information modeling technologies.

For equal partnership of Government and business in implementing building information modeling technologies in Russia should be a clear understanding and adoption of the interests of all stakeholders, that hardly can be implemented only by governmental or departmental regulations. BIM Association as an independent professional platform, will enable an open dialogue on all issues related to building information modeling technologies.

The idea of creating a BIM Association originated in discussions of topical issues of introduction of BIM technology in the initiative group with the participation of representatives from business, academia and Ministry of Russia. Currently, BIM-Association of independent work, also operates as a technical operator to ensure the functioning of the Expert Council and the Working Group of the Russian Ministry for the phased implementation of building information modeling technologies in the field of industrial and civil construction.