Extended meeting of PTC 705 ” information modeling Technologies at all stages of the life cycle of capital construction and real estate»

On April 6, 2018 the first organizational meeting of the project technical Committee for standardization PTC 705 “information modeling Technologies at all stages of the life cycle of capital construction and real estate”was held at the site of RSPP.

The meetings were held in an expanded format. The meeting was attended by more than 70 experts representing 29 organizations-members of PTC 705 (PTC 705 includes 38 organizations), as well as Rosstandart, the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC), RSPP and other relevant organizations invited to participate in the meeting.

A. P. Shalaev, Deputy head of Rosstandart, first Deputy Chairman of the RSPP Committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment addressed the participants of the meeting with a welcoming speech A.N. Lotsmanov and President of the BIM Association A.N. Nikultseva.

Mr. Shalaev congratulated the organizers of the event and the participants of the project Committee on the creation of PTC 705, noted the importance of the development of standards in the field of information modeling of buildings and structures, spoke about the need to include such standards as normative references in regulations, as well as their In addition, Shalaev addressed to the members of PTC 705 on the need for strict compliance with the rules and procedures of standardization in the development of standards, further involvement of relevant organizations to the work of the project Committee, as well as the development of national standards assigned to the field of PTC 705, as soon as possible.

In his speech A. N. Lotsmanov noted the importance of the direction for the development of the digital economy for the activities of the RSPP Committee, including areas related to information modeling technologies.

Mrs. Nikultseva noted that the BIM Association is a co-executor of the action Plan of the action plan for the implementation of the assessment of the economic efficiency of investment justification and information modeling technologies at all stages of the “life cycle” of the capital construction project approved by the government of the Russian Federation. The development of standards is one of the key areas of the action Plan. The Association will continue to work actively on its implementation, using the PTC platform, and looks forward to active participation of industry representatives in the development of standards.

The Chairman of the PTC 705 S. V. Pugachev presented a report on the state of Affairs in the field of standardization of information modeling technologies. The report highlighted a number of significant challenges related to the development of national standards and codes of practice, as well as ways to address them within the framework of the medium-term standards development Programme being developed by PTC 705. As a result of the discussion, the participants noted in the minutes of the meeting the non-system nature of the development of previously adopted standards and codes of practice in the field of information modeling technologies, the presence of significant comments on their content, violations of the rules and procedures of standardization in their development, as well as the impossibility of their application in practice.

The Executive Secretary of the PTC 705 V. M. Pugachev spoke about the organizational issues of the Committee, and presented proposals for the creation of sectoral working groups and a group on interaction with related technical committees. After discussion, it was decided to create six working groups within the PTC, forming them from among the specialized organizations-members of the PTC and to hold their first organizational meetings in April 2018.

The participants of the meeting took an active part in the discussion of the concept of standardization and medium-term program of development of standards in the field of information modeling technologies.

During the presentations of the representatives of nacec, LLC “Library models”, the National chamber of engineers of PJSC “Russian Railways”, JSC “gazproektinzhiniring”, the EEC, the FAA “Glavgosexpertiza of Russia”, NP MAIF, the BIM Association, the FAA “Rosdornii” was discussed virtually all areas of standardization assigned to PTK and presented in the draft Programme, previously circulated to members of PTK. The speakers emphasized the need to develop priorities for the development of standards, taking into account international experience, as well as Russian legislation, as well as ensuring their effective implementation and application by all stakeholders at all stages of the life cycle of buildings and structures. At the same time, it was noted that the draft program for the development of standards generally meets these requirements and is aimed at creating a coherent system of standards for information modeling of buildings and structures.

As a result of the discussion, it was decided in April 2018 to receive proposals from members of the PTC on interest in the development of specific standards and, taking into account these proposals, to finalize the concept of standardization and the program for the development of standards.

In order to develop interstate standardization in the field of BIM technologies, as well as exchange of experience and best practices in this field between the EAEU member States, it was decided to organize in the II quarter of 2018, in coordination with the EEC, a round table with the participation of representatives of relevant organizations of the EAEU member States.
At the end of the meeting were considered two applications for inclusion in the PTC 705: LLC “Berezka GAZ company” and LLC “Academy BIM”. The Committee supported the inclusion of these organizations with extensive experience and expertise in the development and implementation of BIM technologies. Proposals on modification of the order on structure of PTC will be sent to Rosstandart.