According to the Action Plan for the introduction of an assessment of the economic efficiency of investment justification and information modeling technologies at all stages of the “life cycle” of a capital construction project approved by the Government of the Russian Federation on April 11, 2017 No. 2468p-P9, BIM-Association was appointed a co-performer of a number of events. They included clause 14 “Development of national standards for information modeling in the design, construction (reconstruction, overhaul), operation and demolition of capital construction projects.” This work is carried out in the design technical committee for standardization PTK 705 “Information modeling technologies at all stages of the life cycle of capital construction and real estate”, created on the basis of the BIM-Association

Unfortunately, this document did not touch upon the development of key digital competencies in the construction industry, but the President’s further initiative filled this gap in the assignment to the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 19, 2018 No. Pr-1235: “In order to modernize the construction industry and improve the quality of construction, provide … training specialists in the field of information modeling in construction. ” Since July 27, 2018, BIM-Association has been developing a draft of the professional standard “Specialist in Information Modeling in the Construction Sphere (BIM-manager)”.