BIM-Association on Tekla User Day 2018

April 20, 2018 Vice-president of the BIM-Association Sergei Pugachev attended the Tekla User Day conference, held annually by Trimble in 19 countries.

The host of the event, Denis Kuptsov, Commercial Director of Trimble Russia, defined the main goal of the conference as an opportunity to exchange experience between users and technical experts of the vendor.

The vice-president of the BIM-Association spoke about the problems of development of the regulatory framework of the construction industry. In particular, Pugachev said:

  • the lack of systematic and integrated work on the standardization of information modeling technologies;
  • random, in fact, the choice of sources when developing draft standards;
  • significant violations of rules and procedures during the creation of documents;
  • a lagging and incomplete translation into Russian of the required industry of foreign standards and a number of other factors.

Mick Hodgson, technical expert at the head office of Trimble Solutions, talked about the major innovations of Tekla in the version of 2018 and new user features. Speaker singled out and illustrated several main directions of software development, including the possibility of simultaneous work of designers from different organizations on one project, tools that allow the user to perform operations easier and faster.
The presence of reports on the practical implementation of software in the program has always been a characteristic feature of Tekla User Day conferences. The event of 2018 was not an exception. Vladimir Grachev, leading CAD engineer and Mikhail Indeykin, the head of the Kazan Giproniyaviaprom JSC group spoke about the experience of using Tekla Structures in creating unique objects such as the Center for Rhythmic Gymnastics in Luzhniki (Moscow) and the Capital Construction Facility for PAO “Kamaz” (Naberezhnye Chelny). The main document of interaction between the companies participating in the creation of the object was not drawings, but a three-dimensional model.